Genesis 1:1 – (0) Why is the word create and organize? (a)There are multiple big bangs- (b)they collide in galaxies-(c)time is inversely proportional to size of the living thing it passes through-(d)a clearer argument of this-(e)as much time as is wanted can pass if size is restrained- (f)the dilation factor of time in special relativity is simply a trigonometric anomaly, there is no greater time passage for fast moving objects.

(0)because when they created life on their planet and on earth, they must have made it so that it would grow, spread and prosper even from its very primitive and perhaps small shape.  Hence they were changing what created the planet for something that outdid it as if it was from an earlier time.

a.How can scientists be so sure there is a big bang and Raelians say the Universe(s) always shrink and grow forever ago? First off, I would like to say that the intergalactic spread, type IA supernovae data and microwave background all correlate (correspond) with a Universe very much the same time old, suggesting a big bang is very likely.  So I believe in the big bang, but here’s the catch.  

b.The space outside of the big bang (notice I didn’t say time) must exist or it cannot be thought of; there are multiple big bangs going back even further until we realize some other initiation/initialization. When they collide, most matter moves past so it still appears the Universe is spreading out in the same way, but those that intersect form a body that will end up rotating, a galaxy.  This is how all the galaxies form.

c.A raelian concept I can prove on my own here is that time for a living object is inversely proportional to the space it passes through. Even an ant can apparently think faster (because it’s brain is tighter) and move faster for its size.  Just think of ball ‘a’ twice as big as ball ‘b’. One ball a moves one space, it will take ball b twice as long in term of experience to move as far.

d.  Unfortunately these calculations are not correct.  Say you have two cubes as clocks, cube A = 8*cube B in size and the same density.mass = density times size so mass A= 8*mass B.  Then the work to move each one inch is the integral of force X distance, and since force must be the same, the integral is F*(d2-d1)+…+F*(dn-d(n-1)), or F*d.

Power= Work/time = m*d^2/s^3, so for 8* the m we get twice the time, or time moves half as fast for an object ½ the size.”  Unfortunately this math is probably not correct.

Fig 1:1



e. From there, just take a small subset of the big bang and its time goes as slow as you want. Aliens can come about, but you don’t have to take my word for it yet.  Let us imagine then that we have two dimensions, forward/backward and left/right, of space and one, up/down of time. Let there be a 45 degree cone coming out of a vertex forever (in time like a big bang). If we measure the time passing in a slab at height 3, say one millionth in height, then the volume is pi/3*one millionth * 3 squared, and at the bottom of the cone it is pi/3 * one millionth * one millionth squared. Obviously we can get as much time to pass in a small enough space as we want. So time appears to last forever.


f. As for relativity, it is good but since as we will later show there is no time, the dilation is just a function of trigonometry.

That dilation factor in special relativity is 1/the square root of 1-v^2/c^2. It equals c/the square root c^2-v^2. For velocities close to the speed of light it is very large and likewise small for small velocities. It is merely the result of observing something in motion and the trigonometry of how the clock would appear to change different!

Experiment-We seem to be excelerating in technology, so why don’t we exist in a much more advanced way which is more likely?  It must be unlikely for us to survive past our point, but why?  This is obviously the most important experiment that can be done.

Order-Moving in the vicinity of one thing by another is the first thing of all in order, or nothing can happen.