Matthew 13:32- Unfortunately these calculations are not correct.

Consider the corresponding equation (actually it is the Drake equation but this one works better for me; I wrote it):

In a given space and amount of time

Time_dormant=yrs. Non-star-travelling planets with culture survive

Time_populating=yrs. To set up a new travel after one just started. (time_dormant is much longer because evolution is slower than intelligent design)

Time_dormant/time_populating=n, the maximum number of iterations allowed to catch up.

F(n)=number of populating stars after n iterations.

f(n) is compared to the following quotient with obvious definitions.


The percentage of planets with travelers out of the total number of planets with culture=

(number_populating*f(n))/(number_dormant+(number_populating*f(n)))*100%, and must be between 0 and 100%.

I like f(n)=(2n+1)^3, even if the travel timeis sometimes multiplied by the square root of 3.

It seems number_dormant/number_populating should be constant, but number_populating switches from 0 to 1.

Smaller than n is OK to consider, but larger than n cannot be considered.  We chose a specific space and time range, even if it is out of the whole infinite Universe, so it is not our place to ask what’s to the side or after it, and the smaller can’t keep growing against the larger.  Note that if the time was twice as much initially nothing would happen and we’d get the same percentage. It could be worked out that the same is true for space.

We won’t know some of these variables for awhile because of what we supposedly are. Time_dormant will require finding life on other planets (which I think NASA said would take 20 years) and recording the age.  Time_populating can be estimated since we’re right about there (we are from populating). Number_dormant+number_populating will be easy.  Number_populating we just might be able to be told by our alien friends J.

The right kind of humanity is relativity close; France paintings date back 13,000 years.  The other life could be from previous days of creation or from something other than this creation, such as previous creation or even an evolution.  However I have found that evolution on a given planet to go from scratch to humanity is very unlikely, only in an immense space. (see “God According to God” by Gerald Schroeder).

God cannot be created by an earlier God, but with aliens we can at least equate from first objects the likelihood of alien colonization of our planet vs. evolution.